A family company with an old winemaking tradition, the La Ferriera winery is situated inside on an old estate built by a Bourbon family in 1858. The wines are produced in the vineyard area of ‘Colle Alto’ in Atina, a village situated at the bottom of the Apennine mountains. The ‘Cru’ produced in these areas benefits from a foothill microclimate with harsh winters and relatively rainy summers. The marly-loamy hillside terrain, with a southern exposure, is located at an altitude of about 350 metres, and is ideal for absorbing water and then slowly releasing it to the superficial layers by capillary action. Dedicated to making wines only of the highest quality, the company has established itself as one of the top wine producers from Lazio.


Dorato Bianco Lazio IGT

Grapes:  Pinot Bianco and Malvasia blend

available in 750 ml. bottle

bot_ferrato rosso

Ferrato Rosso Lazio IGT

Grapes: Petit Verdot, Syrah and Cabernet 

available in 750 ml. bottle


Realmagona Atina Cabernet DOC

Grapes: Cabernet and Syrah

available in 750 ml. bottle


Realmagona Riserva Atina Cabernet DOC

Grapes: Atina Cabernet and Syrah 

available in 750 ml. bottle


  • 2008 vintage, 3/3 I Veronelli 2012